Chlorobenzenes are a kind of organic chemical raw material and are mainly used as intermediates in dyestuffs, medicines, pesticides and in organic synthesis, as they carry the disadvantages of not being easy to degrade and of being harmful to the environment.There is a great need to develop low-cost, easy-operation, high-efficiency,environmentally protective techniques for the separation of trace chlorobenzenes compounds in water samples, due to their toxicity, environmental damage potential, and the fact that they pose a great threat to human health. Zhengzhou Tiei Extraction Technology Co.,Ltd designs, manufactures CWL-M centrifugal extractor for the Liquid–liquid extraction(LLE) and separation.

Compared with the traditional box type and tower type extraction equipment, the centrifugal extractor has the advantages of short stage retention time, rapid phase separation and wide flow ratio range; Liquid materials with different densities and viscosities can be met by changing weir plates and frequency conversion speed regulation, with strong adaptability.

Centrifuges perfectly adapted to both batch and continuous operation
short retention time and low liquid hold-up
Efficient phase separation utlizing centrifugal force
high extraction efficiency due to thorough mixing

Tiei Extraction design and manufacture of CWL-M serial centrifuges extractors has laboratory scale centrifuges, pilot scale centrifuges and multistage production centrifuges.