The waste liquid of a polymer material company in Shandong Province, China, contains fluorsulfonyl chloride. Through using the advantage of hydrogen fluoride good hydrophilicity and high solubility in water. In the Tiei extraction laboratory, single-stage water washing of hydrogen fluoride is realized through lab model of CWL50-M centrifugal extractor. Through many experiments of different comparisons, the best washing ratio is obtained to achieve high extraction rate of hydrogen fluoride, meet customer requirements.

Process description:

  1. The process is not limited only single-stage water washing, and the number of countercurrent washing stages can be increased according to the actual situation;
  2. The process is applicable to the separation of organic mixtures that are not miscible with water, such as hydrogen fluoride;
  3. The process based on centrifugal separation (hundreds to thousands of times of gravity under the same conditions), with high separation efficiency;

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