Designed for your processes

Addressing everyday workflow challenges and creating suitable automation solutions is our passion. Tiei Extraction invented a system for liquid-liquid extraction.

By automating the whole liquid-liquid-extraction workflow our system offers:

Enhanced precision

Larger throughput

Customized software interface

Simplified sample handling

Improved reproducibility

Reliable results

1) Mixed mass transfer process

The two-phase solutions enter into the mixing area of inside the shell from the two phase inlet ,which in a certain proportion to make the two phases mix and disperse quickly and complete the mixing mass transfer process.

2)Two phase separation process

The mixed liquid enters the drum under the action of the vortex disc or feeder. Under the action of centrifugal force, the heavy phase liquid gradually moves away from the center of the drum and towards the drum wall in the upward flow process; The light phase liquid with low density gradually moves away from the drum wall and towards the center. The clarified two-phase liquid finally enters the collection chamber through their respective weir plates and flows out from the light phase outlet to complete the two-phase separation process.

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