Water washing, alkali washing, acid washing are very common in the chemical production process. The purpose is to remove inorganic salts from organic matter by adding water. Most of this process section at home and abroad is completed by batch reactors. At this stage, most of the production processes use intermittent operations of adding water to the washing kettle, stirring, standing, and artificial stratification. So, what are its advantages and disadvantages?

  1. Advantages of intermittent reactor: Each set of devices operates independently, independently controlled, and does not interfere with each other.
  2. Disadvantages of batch reactor:

① This operation is intermittent production, the process is time-consuming, requires manual on-site staring at the glass sight glass of the feeding tube in real time, and damages the operator's eyes.

② It consumes labor and increases production costs, and the quality of batch products cannot be stable.

③ Further expand the product scale according to market demand. If large-scale equipment (such as a 10,000L reactor or above) is used, the output of a single reactor can be increased. However, due to the enlargement of the reaction kettle, the mass transfer efficiency becomes worse, and the product quality and yield become more difficult to meet the process requirements.

④The larger the batch reactor, the greater the risk of operation.

In order to ensure product quality and yield, increase output, and meet the needs of continuous production, existing process methods often use multiple new centrifugal extraction machines. Zhengzhou Tiei Extraction CWL-M series of centrifugal extractor can realize continuous extraction of organic layer and aqueous layer, which can completely replace various traditional extraction kettles, reduce solvent consumption, save operating time, reduce energy consumption, reduce three wastes. At the same time, it can meet the needs of large-scale production. It is a new generation of ideal efficient, green, and continuous extraction equipment.

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