The selection of extraction equipment often requires comprehensive consideration and evaluation of equipment performance, scale-up design method, investment and maintenance, operation reliability, etc. before pilot test. However, how to select extraction equipment suitable for process production has become a very important problem. Here is a brief analysis of how to select extraction equipment suitable for production process.

Reasons to Use Liquid-Liquid Extraction Equipment

Recovery of water soluble components from immiscible organic streams
A complex distillation sequence is required
Processing of azeotropic and close boiling components
The component of interest is prone to thermal degradation or is non-volatile
Energy requirements of distillation are prohibitive

The general rule: liquid liquid extraction can be avoided if it is more economical to separate chemicals of interest via distillation. However, there are other situations where liquid-liquid extraction / solvent extraction should be considered.

It is important to consider the solvent recovery aspects early in the development process since they can affect the overall project economics. In the example liquid liquid process, approximately 3% of the operating cost is incurred in the extractor and the remaining 97% in solvent recovery.

When it is necessary to deal with the system with small two-phase density difference and the extraction process with high mass transfer efficiency, the centrifugal extractor will be the appropriate choice. When the extraction process with low face flow ratio is needed, the extraction tower can be selected. The extraction tower can completely meet the process requirements and also reduce the cost. When the extraction process with large flow ratio is needed, the extraction tank is more selected, and its expansion design method is more reliable.

How to choose liquid liquid extraction equipment

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