Liquid-Liquid extraction is a more complex process of separating a liquid mixture over the Liquid-Solid process. Another common term for Liquid-Liquid extraction is as solvent extraction process. The process involves taking liquids, mixing them, and being able to separate them.

Liquid-liquid separation technology
Liquid-liquid separation technology

The process involves having an immiscible mixture, represented by A+C and B the parts can be transferred and mixed, and separated. It extracts a solute from a two-part solution by being brought together with another non-homogenous solvent where that solute can be dissolved. From this, the liquid mixtures are isolated with the solutes that can be dissolved distribute where necessary.

Solvents Used in Liquid-Liquid Extraction

In Liquid-Liquid extraction Diethyl Ether is most commonly used. Since the process for Liquid-Liquid extraction requires immiscible solvents things like ethanol and acetone should not be used because they mix with water. Therefore, the listed solvents below are recommended for Liquid-Liquid extraction:


Diethyl Ether



All are more commonly chosen for the organic solvent used in this extraction process.

Liquid-Liquid Extraction Uses

There are several processes that require Liquid-Liquid extraction and here are some of the most common uses below:




Food Products

Agriculture Chemicals

You can refer to our blog about Liquid-Solid extraction to examine that these two types of extraction methods are used in repetitive industries. So, in a way, they go together at times in terms of their common uses and processes within these industries.

Liquid–Liquid Extraction widely used extraction techniques
Liquid–Liquid Extraction widely used extraction techniques

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Solvent extraction or Liquid-Liquid extraction is a process that relies heavily on the use of proper solvents. If you have more questions or need more information on the solvents for extractions, we have answers contact us here.