As a rare metal element, rhenium has attracted much attention due to its important applications in high-tech industries such as aerospace, electronics, catalysts, etc. Although traditional rhenium extraction processes have their own advantages, solvent extraction has become the mainstream technology for rhenium resource recovery due to its high selectivity, large-scale production potential, and cost-effectiveness. Especially in complex systems such as waste acid containing multiple metal impurities, the advantages of solvent extraction are more prominent.

Zhengzhou Tiei extraction's process of extracting rhenium from waste acid mainly includes pretreatment, extraction, washing, stripping, concentration crystallization, recrystallization and other steps. This process aims to effectively remove impurities in waste acid and achieve efficient enrichment of rhenium. A copper smelter in China has innovatively introduced the centrifugal extraction process for rhenium extraction. The new process has shown significant advantages in recovery rate, product purity and extraction efficiency.

The main equipment of this process adopts the CWL-M series centrifugal extractor independently developed by Zhengzhou Tiei Extraction Company. CWL-M series centrifugal extractors has stable performance, small footprint, safety and environmental protection, simple operation, and can realize intelligent or automatic control. It perfectly replaces the traditional mixer settler and realizes the green and environmental protection innovation of the extraction process. By using multiple CWL-M centrifugal extractors in series, a continuous extraction and stripping system is formed, which greatly guarantees the extraction efficiency and recovery rate of rhenium in the waste acid solution, demonstrating the maturity and efficiency of Tiei's hydrometallurgical extraction technology.

According to pilot-scale test results, in the industrial production of this process with a processing capacity of 1,000 cubic meters of sewage acid per day, the production cost of each kilogram of refined ammonium rhenate product is only 2,023.86 yuan, which has significant economic feasibility has good promotion value and industrial production prospects. The application of centrifugal extraction technology in the rhenium extraction process from waste acid not only reflects the role of technological innovation in promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, but also provides the new solution for the efficient recovery of rare metal resources.

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